Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chaplains and Ministry Partners


Air Show Ministries provides free Chaplains and Ministry Partners to air shows

Ministry Partners

PERFORMERS Put a zap on your plane or car and represent the mission of Air Show Ministries! Host prayer at your plane or ask the air boss to pray at the pilot briefing (or have our chaplain do it). Let your fellow performers know you are there for them! We are working on flight suit patches as well. Email us at if you are interested!

VENDORS Put the Air Show Ministries logo on your tent or signage. Host prayer at your booth for other vendors and volunteers. Typically, this is done Sunday am before the gates open. Be on hand and available to the air show director if a Chaplain is not assigned to an air show.*

VOLUNTEERS/WORKERS Ask for an Air Show Ministries button for your lanyard. Let your supervisor, director and air boss know you are onsite should any needs arise. Although you cannot call yourself a Chaplain, anyone can serve the air show community as Christ's ambassador!*

AIR SHOW STAFF You are also welcome to represent Air Show Ministries as well by putting a button on your lanyard.*

*Vendors, volunteers, staff: please email us at if you are interested in working toward joining us.


We are looking for qualified volunteer chaplains who love aviation! Are you currently a military,  police, fire, Racers for Christ, BGEA Rapid Response Team or other official chaplain? Please email us at if you are interested in working toward joining us.