Monday, August 17, 2015

Serving the Air Show Community

Air Show Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Castle Rock, CO. We were founded in 2009 to serve the air show ministry through:

PEOPLE  Providing spiritual support to military and civilian air show performers, organizers and spectators through volunteer Chaplains and Ministry Partners onsite during shows. If you have an interest in volunteering, please see our Chaplains page.

PRAYER  Actively praying for each performer participating in an air show. Posting prayer requests for followers on social media to join in.

PRESENTATION  Displaying show-quality vehicles at air shows, car shows, air museums and other related events. This gives us the ability to interact with spectators, and share the mission of Air Show Ministries. Please see the Angel9 page for more information.

Air Show Ministries seeks to provide chaplain services at no charge to air shows. To do this, we rely on fundraising for travel, maintenance, chaplain/partner programs, giveaways and events. Thank you for your support and generosity.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Angel9 - Blue Angels-themed Trans Am

2015 air show season is underway and we are scheduling selected shows for 2016! Our first priority for shows are those with the Blue Angels, but we are open to other air shows and events as our schedule allows.

2015 air shows:
Rockford AirFest, Chicago Rockford International Airport, IL, June 6-7
Grand Junction Air Show, Grand Junction Regional Airport, CO, Oct. 10-11
Alliance Air Show, Fort Worth Alliance Airport, TX, Sept. 12-13

Colorado car shows/events:
Parker Days Festival Car Show, June 14  
Castle Rock Antique Car Club Show, June 20
ECHO concert series, Festival Park, Castle Rock, June 26
Veterans Car Show, CVCLC Fitzsimmons, June 27
Spirit of Flight Museum, Erie, July 11  
KBPI Car Show, Bandimere Speedway, August 23
Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors, Sept. 24-27

Angel9 is available as a ground attraction, free for air show visitors to enjoy and photograph. Military personnel in uniform are welcome to sit in the "cockpit" and have their picture taken. Angel9 features original art under the hood, navigational and directional lights, cockpit-style displays, mock ejection seats, custom audio and video system, and more!

Angel9 is not endorsed by the U.S. Navy or associated with the Blue Angels. Angel9 is a tribute car that has been well received by the public as well as performers, including past and current Blue Angels teams. In 2012 we were invited to photograph Angel9 with their planes, and at every show we have attended, their maintenance teams have enjoyed using it as a place to sign autographs. We also give away "trading cards" of the car and candy.

Angel9 is also available for car shows, air museums, military/recruiting events and community events, depending on schedule. We don't charge for local charity car shows, but as we operate by donation only, these events are limited. If you want to book Angel9 for an event, please call the number below.
  Angel9 is presented by Air Show Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves the air show community behind the scenes. As part of our mission, we offer two free services to the air shows we attend: first, we provide free water and shade for the Blue Angels' VIP guest area (we can also do this for the Thunderbirds). This has been vital for the Friday show especially, as vendors are often not set up for the practice show; second, we offer free chaplain service for the entire weekend, which can include pilot briefing prayer, invocation and crisis counseling in the event of a mishap. Even if we do not bring Angel9 to an air show, we can provide chaplains to be onsite all weekend.
  For more information about Angel9, email or call 303-726-5238. Thanks for your interest in Angel9 and Air Show Ministries! Find us on Facebook at "Angel9 - Air Show Ministries" or Twitter @AirShowAngel9.

R. Cameron Roberts
President and Founder

Chaplains and Ministry Partners

Air Show Ministries provides Chaplains and Ministry Partners free to air shows. Chaplains must meet criteria below in order to be considered. Ministry Partners are performers, vendors or air show workers who want to represent Air Show Ministries.

Ministry Partners
PERFORMERS  Put a zap on your plane and represent the mission of Air Show Ministries! Host prayer at your plane or ask the air boss to pray at the pilot briefing (or have a chaplain do it). Let your fellow performers know you are there for them! We are working on flight suit patches as well. Email us at if you are interested and we'll let you know the requirements.

VENDORS  Put the Air Show Ministries logo on your tent or signage. Host prayer at your booth for other vendors and volunteers. Typically, this is done Sunday am before the gates open. Be on hand and available to the air show director if a Chaplain is not assigned to an air show. See requirements below.

VOLUNTEERS/WORKERS  Put an Air Show Ministries button on your lanyard. Let your supervisor, director and air boss know you are onsite should any needs arise. Although you cannot call yourself a Chaplain, anyone can serve the air show community as Christ's ambassador! See requirements below.

AIR SHOW STAFF  You are also welcome to represent Air Show Ministries as well by putting a button on your lanyard. We ask that you complete the application and signed statement of faith. Email us if you are interested at

Vendors, volunteers please email us at if you are interested in working toward joining us. You will need to complete the following:
- Application from us
- Background check done by us (if you have already done one for work, etc., please provide proof)
- Two letters of recommendation (one must be a pastor or Christian ministry leader)
- Signed statement of faith from us
There is a fee that covers the background check and button. 

Our chaplain program is coming soon. Please email us at if you are interested in working toward joining us. You will need to complete the following:
- Application from us
- Background check done by us (if you have already done one for work, etc., please provide proof)
- Proof of ordination OR
- Proof of chaplain status (police, fire, military, Racers For Christ, BGEA Rapid Response team or other verifiable chaplain program)
- Two letters of recommendation (one must be your pastor or Christian ministry leader)
- Signed statement of faith from us
There is a fee that includes background check and first shirt.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Resource Partners

Air Show Ministries Resource Partners

Thanks to the generous donations to their ministry, the American Bible Society's Armed Services Ministry has provided FREE military E100 Bibles for us to give away at air shows to active duty personnel, veterans and their families.

Thanks to a generous donor, we are able to give away the Jesus film at air shows and events; the DVD comes in English, with options for a variety of languages included.

Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, CA, has provided promotional copies previewing their full film "Taking The Hill". Presented by Pastor Raul Ries, the film delves into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and offers hope and healing through Christ.